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General photos of coal and the history of coal mining.

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HRS 64 Gresford pit disaster memorial, WrexhamHRS 65 Gresford Colliery Disaster MemorialHRS 66 Gresford pit disaster inscriptionHRS 84 Bersham pit headstocksHRS 309 Bersham coal tipsHRS 344 Colliery drainage tunnel Bersham areaHRS 345 Nant Mill, Coedpoeth, WrexhamHRS 492 Leigh, Parsonage pit winding engine 1970sHRS 828 Wigan Pier 1995HRS 1437 Astley Green CollieryHRS 1458 Manchester, Bradford Pit blacksmithsHRS 1463 Ladyshore pit pony 1950HRS 1464 Leigh, Parsonage PitHRS 1465 Furnace ventilation shaft at Haigh 1980sHRS 1466 Furnace ventilation shaft at coal mine at Haigh 1980sHRS 1467 Glasshouse Fold accident Denton 1910HRS 1469 Coal miner Oak Pit Oldham c 1950HRS 1469 Coal tubs Caphouse CollieryHRS 1495 Radcliffe coal strike 1921HRS 1496 Outwood Colliery, Radcliffe