How to Search - A step by step guide


First of all decide on the SEARCH TERM you would like to use.

 It can a person's SURNAME, a PLACE NAME,

or a Subject such as ENGINEERING. 

We have also included ABSTRACT terms such as RELIGION,  ROMANTICISM etc

We have limited technical names largely to Geological and Archaeological terms,

and Latin names for BIRDS (as well as their common names.)


If you are Searching for a specific phrase or a date or say a number like a locomotive number,

then enter it within double quotation marks:

eg "Robin Hood Inn" or "45397" or "1898"


Type in Your SEARCH term or multiple SEARCH terms in the SEARCH box

eg Railway (and) stations Press ENTER (There is no need to type & or and)



The Results page will then appear displaying the different GALLERIES where your Photos are located.

Sometimes however it may say:

"No Content Found
Check the spelling and consider modifying your search criteria"
...  when in fact there are images available! 
In our example we have searched for "Holyhead"  and it tells us that there is one Gallery with only 2 photos.  
In fact there are 28 photos in many different Galleries.
Always check the shaded TABS above the image.  
Double click on the image you are after to open it.

When you have opened the image it should look something like this:

Beneath the image is the caption, additional text and references.  

On the right are the various Keywords that can be used to locate the image.

Click on any of those Keywords to bring up related images.

Images available for sale will be marked and the prices for different size prints shown.

Finally, if we have made a mistake or you would to add comment

or further information, do please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!