Conditions of Deposit & Use – The Heritage Image Register




1) Copyright of images.  It is assumed that the depositor owns the Copyright to the image or images or permission has been sought and given by the depositor from the Copyright/Rights owner and the owner of the image if different, or that the image is out of copyright. (eg before 31st December 1945 UK) In other permission has been given by the donor to display their images - a kind of informal licence to display if you like.

2) Heritage Recording Services and its imprints ( and others) accepts no responsibility or liability for any unintended breach and accepts the images in good faith as part of a non-commercial image database known as ‘The Heritage Image Register’ and associated Guest Galleries.  This being deemed and intended to be ‘fair dealing’ for education, research and study. This section serves to provide notice to the depositor and assumes your acceptance of these terms.


The Heritage Image Register & its imprints display scans of images, wherever possible those supplying those images are encouraged to deposit the originals in an archive or museum.  The Heritage Image Archive will assist with this where possible   

3) Heritage Recording Services will remove without warning material deemed offensive, objectionable, or unsuitable, or risk to security, or have been discovered to have been inadvertently used by us without the relevant permissions obtained by the Depositor.

4) Removal of Registration and Images.  Heritage Recording Services will remove your Heritage Image Registry entry and images on request usually within 24 hours of receiving that request in writing or by email containing a contact number and address for verification purposes.


5) Image Security. Heritage Recording Services will provide reasonable security to images accepted for the Heritage Image Registry with inactive right clicking and the installation of a Copyright or All Rights Reserved warning on the image.  All Rights is intended to mean  in this context the Rights of the Copyright owner of the photos, where applicable the photographer's rights, and publication rights.



Use of Images


6) Advertising & Sponsorship.  Heritage Recording Services reserves the Right to attract appropriate advertising and sponsorship to support the site and its work without prejudice to its role as a non-commercial information resource.


7) Sale of images. Some images will be available for sale to support the work of the site, it is however recognised that many of our guest depositors will not permit their images to be sold or offered through the site and in this event we will refer enquiries directly to the relevant depositor as appropriate.


8) Image Quality.  By the very nature of the site as an 'Archive and Access tool', images will vary considerably in quality.  The primary function is the actual image subject matter, technical quality in heritage images is therefore secondary. 


9) Copying. Downloading and Copying of any image on this section of the site (The Register) is strictly prohibited without written permission unless the 'downloading tag' on the site is displayed.  


Contact address:

Heritage Recording Services (UK)


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