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Taken 7-Jun-05
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HRS 3229 Manchester Victoria approach hovel 2005

Todd Street, near Manchester Victoria Station. The image shows one of the last surviving goods delivery points known in Manchester as hovels. Horse-drawn carts and lurries were back in to the loading bay or hovels to loaded or unloaded as required.

File Name :DSCN0007.JPG

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Date Taken :2005/06/07 11:45:09

Image Size :2048 x 1536

Resolution :300 x 300 dpi

Number of Bits :8bit/channel

Protection Attribute :Off

Hide Attribute :Off

Camera ID :N/A

Camera :E885

Quality Mode :FINE

Metering Mode :Matrix

Exposure Mode :Programmed Auto

Speed Light :No

Focal Length :8 mm

Shutter Speed :1/142.9second

Aperture :F2.8

Exposure Compensation:0 EV

White Balance :Auto

Lens :Built-in

Flash Sync Mode :Normal

Exposure Difference :N/A

Flexible Program :N/A

Sensitivity :Auto

Sharpening :Auto

Image Type :Color

Color Mode :N/A

Hue Adjustment :N/A

Saturation Control :Normal

Tone Compensation :Auto

Latitude(GPS) :N/A

Longitude(GPS) :N/A

Altitude(GPS) :N/A
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Keywords:Manchester, Todd Street, architecture, buildings, gates, hovels, jewellers

HRS 3229 Manchester Victoria approach hovel 2005