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Gandhi, Visit to Clitheroe 1931 (2 of two photos)

"By 1931 the British government realized that if they did not release Gandi (from prison) they could have a revolution on their hands. He was released and very shortly came over the UK for the 'Round Table Talks' on the future of India at St. James Palace. While he was over here he was invited to view at first hand 'the misery and poverty' that the goverment of the day claimed that Gandhi and his actions back home (inspiring Indians to handspin their own cloth) was causing the people over here. He visited a lot of the towns (and mills) around this part of Lancashire. He stayed for a few days at Heys Farm Guest house in West Bradford in meditation. (Stayed with Mr & Mrs JP Davies)

While he was here he walked around the local area and met local people. He commented how beautiful he thought this part of the Ribble Valley was. In the end as much as he had a lot of sympathy for the people over here, he stated that conditons back in India were a lot worse than in the UK and so nothing changed"

For more information SEE http:/​/​www.​oldclitheroe.​co.​uk/​page254.​htm

KH Comment: Whilst staying at Heys Farm Guest he slept and meditated on the outside balcony as the weather allowed. (Information from owners) fn = ghandi

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