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HRS 822 Keswick, Castlerigg Stone Circle, sheep in a lineHRS 823 Keswick, Castlerigg Stone CircleHRS 825 Blease Fell, KeswickHRS 826 Keswick, Castlerigg Stone Circle, sheepHRS 1026 Capel Garmon burial chamber 2003HRS 1027 Capel Garmon burial chamber 2003HRS 1028 Capel Garmon burial chamber 2003HRS 1029 Capel Garmon burial chamber area view 2003HRS 1790 Swinside standing stoneHRS 1791 Swinside stone circle west sideHRS 1792 Swinside stone circleHRS 1793 Swinside stone circle NNWHRS 1794 Swinside Stone Circle NHRS 1795 Swinside Stone Circle view northHRS 1796 Swinside Stone Circle bedded rockHRS 1797 Swinside stone circle and farmHRS 1798 Raven Crag adjacent to Swinside stone circleHRS 5928 Neolithic burial chamber, Hebdre Waelog 2009HRS 5929 Neolithic burial chamber, Hebdre Waelod interior 2009HRS 5926 Neolithic Burial Chamber, Hebdre Waelog interior Glan Conwy 1966