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Motor Delivery vehicle, Lake District C M Clark

This unusual photograph of a motor vehicle is by the photographer CM Clark. It is in fact a clever piece of advertising and marketing for the brand Kolynos. It is a tube of toothpaste on wheels used to deliver toothpastes, perfumes and toiletries. The story of Kolynos cosmetics is extraordinary. This is a shortened version of an account that can be found in full at http:/​/​collectingvintagecompacts.​blogspot.​co.​uk/​2011/​05/​kolynos-​toothpaste-​and-​nalgiri.​html

"Dentist Dr Newell Sill Jenkins who is sometimes, and more famously, credited with putting cosmetic dentistry on the map in America was based for many years in Germany, Jenkins invented a porcelain enamel for tooth fillings and in 1895 founded a company in Dresden to manufacture it. He named it ‘The Klewe Company’ after his German technician and by 1904, having returned to America, the company’s base became New Haven, Connecticut. But it was not the enamel porcelain that would eventually lead to Nalgiri, it was the invention of a new formula for toothpaste. Jenkins together with a colleague, Dr Willoughby D Miller, collaborated on the formula that was eventually given the name‘Kolynos’ from the Greek Kolyo nosus, meaning ‘Disease Preventer'.

In early 1908 the company applied for a Trademark on the name ‘Kolynos’, to be used in connection with its toothpaste and the first tubes of Kolynos toothpaste were sold on 13 April 1908. In the following year Jenkins retired from dental practice at the age of 68, leaving Klewe and Company and Kolynos to be managed by his son, Leonard A Jenkins. Within a few years the business had extended throughout North America, Latin America and Europe and the Far East. A manufacturing factory was also established in London in 1909. By 1914 all reference to Klewe and Company had disappeared because the company adopted ‘Kolynos’ as its principal name while continuing to operate from the original Klewe address at 180 Meadow Street, New Haven".
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Motor Delivery vehicle, Lake District C M Clark