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Sedbergh Market Place c1855-1857

This view of Sedbergh Market place is from a glass negative and dates probably somewhere between 1855-1857. The building on the left carries posters announcing the election of six knights to adminster the Yorkshire Ridings. It is thought to have been a very early photograph by one of the Brunskill brothers of Sedbergh before the business was moved to Bowness. The building on the right is presumably 'The Grapes' public houses judging by the bunch of grapes hanging down over the doorway.

The image was poorly exposed and thin. The left-hand side of the image is out of focus suggesting an inferior lens or a plate slightly out of alignment, suggesting someone still coming to terms with new and difficult technology. At high magnification it is clear there was some movement of the camera tripod, which is perhaps not be unexpected. KH
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Sedbergh Market Place c1855-1857