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HRS 4409 Vinson Gulliver, GNR, engine driver 1980

In 1980 I interviewed Vinson Gulliver a former Great Central Railway driver at Liverpool Road, Manchester during preparations for the celebrations of the Rainhill Trials Locomotive Cavalcade. He became Britain's oldest man born 1887-1997 109 years. (The interview is available from the North West Sound Archive ref no 1980.009)

PHOTO: Vinson on footplate of Midland Compound 1000.
Diary entry 18 Aug 1980 ".. a delightful moment occurred when a young HST driver eager to impress Mr Gulliver said something like 'I'll bet it's changed a bit since your days as a driver, she'll go 125 mph flat out'. There was a pause before Mr Gulliver replied in a manner which suggested it would be not a great effort to repeat such speed "I once worked a steam engine over 100 mph - you shouldn't haven't any trouble (with the HST) there's no intermittent motion". '
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HRS 4409 Vinson Gulliver, GNR, engine driver 1980